Girls, Giggles & Gossip - The perfect setup for your Noosa bridal shower.

Struggling to think of what to do for your bridal shower?

Never have I ever seen a bridal shower quite this pretty. Set on a private property in the Noosa Shire, it's a gathering of girlfriends, a pretty pink tent with beautifully styled blooms by “Naturelle Floral Design”, and thoughtfully decorated by “Glamacamp Noosa”. The place settings combined a mix of eclectic vintage crockery matched with pink glassware and golden cutlery. A low round table with comfortable pink poufs created the perfect atmosphere for the girls to giggle and gossip.
“The Bartenders Noosa” created a range of signature cocktails for this gorgeous event and it was the “Passionata” that was the clear winner. Made from a mix of Gin, elderflower, passionfruit and lime. So yum!

With a glass in hand, feeling beautiful having hair and makeup done by “Photo Finish Makeup” and “Noosa Hairdressers”, the bride's friends have all they need to celebrate her in style.
Images by “Lindy Yewen Photography”.

Noosa-Bridal-Shower-Party 7.jpg
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Thanks to our gorgeous bridesmaids: Kerry, Gemma, Alana, Kayla, Rylee and Colby.